Sunday, 14 February 2010

Manuela Maciel

Manuela Maciel

Integrating Light and Shadow of our Ancestors

Transgenerational Psychodrama, Genosociogram and Dancetherapy

with Manuela Maciel and Leandra Perrotta

Transgenerational Psychodrama works with family co - uncounscious.

The concept of Co-Unconscious from J.L. Moreno is one of the main key to our understanding of what is called now “transgenerational links".

This is also related to “unfinished business”, with trauma and death, with “wound of love” events that tend to repeat themselves, following the rule of “unfinished tasks” that will be perpetuated in the family over and over until its meaning is finally clarified.

Our goal is to clarify and remove the psychological undesirable invisible loyalties and “scripts of life” from people of previous generations with whom there was some “unfinished business” or traumatic event. It is also to make people more aware of their resources and positive legacies they have received from their families.

We will use active methods such as psychodrama, toys sculptures, genosociogram and also we will have a short theoretical presentation about the main concepts involved.

Manuela Maciel

Clinical Psychologist, Psychodramatist, Sociodramatist, Psychotherapist, Trainer and Supervisor and Vice-President at the Portuguese Psychodrama Association (SPP). President of Portuguese Association of EMDR.Chair of Psychodrama Section of IAGP – Intenational Association og Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes (2003-2009). Co-Editor of book „Advanced Theory and Practice in Psychodrama” by Routledge (2007)

Manuela travels the world giving lectures and workshops on her work with transgenerational psychodrama.

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