Sunday, 14 February 2010

Reconnecting Ancestral Roots

First TransGenerational Conference
In association with
International Deep Memory Association IDMA

14th - 17th October 2010, Carcavelos, Lisbon, Portugal

"No man can cause more grief
than one clinging blindly to the vices of his Ancestors"
William Faulkner

The co-organisers of the conference are Manuela Maciel from Portugal, Mark Wentworth from the UK/Portugal and Leandra Perrotta from Italy. When presenting at the IAGP 2009 conference in Rome, we were inspired and somewhat overwhelmed by the desire to know more about how people could help heal their family patterns. It was out of this need, combined with our passion for this work that we came up with idea for the forthcoming conference. We are also very pleased to be organising this conference in association with the IDMA - International Deep Memory Association. This will feature as the IDMA's annual conference for 2010.

Manuela Maciel and Leandra Perrotta will bring their wealth of experience from working around the world with transgenerational psychodrama to offer us an experiential workshop of healing the invisible loyalties we all hold within the family.
Prof. Anne Ancelin Shutzenberger, pioneer of transgenerational work, will be the mentor of our conference and we will be honouring her as a teacher.
Roger Woolger, who will be joining us for this conference, has been fundamental in bridging the gap between psychology and spirituality. His revolutionary approach and compassion for the soul makes him a true alchemist with the ability to turn ancestral lead into pure family gold.
Mark Wentworth will be presenting his work with Dynamic Theatre in connection to honouring and celebrating our ancestral heritage.
Maurizio Gasseau, Jungian Psychodramatist and Chair of the IAGP Psychodrama Section, will be joining us for the theoretical panel on Transgenerational Transmission.
Maria Margarida Barros will bring her shamanic and sociodramatic experience to this conference.
"Reconnecting Ancestral Roots" will be the first international conference on Transgenerational transmission. Our wish is that by bringing together different working modalities we can all share in the knowledge and wisdom of bringing peace to communities and families of the past, present and future.

We look forward to meeting you in October,
Manuela, Mark, Leandra

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All workshops will be in English but will also have translations available in Portugues and Italian.

October 14th

Thursday Evening: Opening of conference and Shamanic warm-Up with Maria Margarida Barros.

Margarida is a Plastic Artist, Scoiodramatist by the Portuguese Association of Psychodrama, teacher of Shamanism. Works with transdisciplinar aproach with Arts, Sciences and Old Traditions of knowledge and wisdo,, in the human development, in group and one-to-one

Born to life and reborn in life

"He, who dances, encourages his allies to stay with himself. The dance of the body unifies the forces of great nature and reconstructs the old harmony"

Dance to connect with the value of human life, to strengthen personal power, through the vital energy and the creative information, the cosmic essence that we all are. To contact the strength and the light, the best in us, Life. Call all the ancestors from all kingdoms: mineral, vegetal, animal, to encounter them and welcome them.

Followed by Opening Ceremony "Welcoming Our Ancestors" with Manuela Maciel, Roger Woolger, Leandra Perrotta, Mark Wentworth and Maurizio Gasseau.

October 15th

Friday Morning - "The Sacred Ancestral Journey Home" through Dynamic Theatre – Mark Wentworth

Friday Afternoon - Integrating Light and Shadow of our Ancestors – Transgenerational Psychodrama, Geniosociogram and Dancetherapy with Manuela Maciel and Leandra Perrotta.

October 16th

Saturday Morning – Voices of the Ancestors – Dr Roger Woolger and Juanita Puddifoot.

Saturday Afternoon - Interview on Psychogenealogy with Anne Ancelin Schützenberger

Saturday Evening -

  • Concert - Tenor Filipe De Moura will entertain and swoon you with "old time" opera classics as well as his own rendition of Sinatra and other musical favourites.

  • Entertainment - PlayBack Theatre Performance by "Eras Uma Vez"
  • Fancy Dress Party - Honour your ancestors by "dressing up" in times gone by
  • Dancing - Dance the night away with music for all.

Evening entertainment is all of the above in the main conference room.

October 17th

Sunday morning - Discussion Panel with Manuela Maciel, Roger Woolger, Mark Wentworth, Maurizio Gasseau and Leandra Perrotta with questions and sharing from the audience.

Closing Ritual and Ceremony with Dancetherapy.

Death: the passage to the light

"Don`t forget that the ashes of your ancestors are sacred and the place where they rest or the water of the rivers that carry them are also sacred"

Ritual of psychopompo, from the greek word psyche (soul) and pompos (guide). Guiding the souls, take the ancestors that left life into the passage of death. Maybe they have left the body but their journey hasn`t ended yet. To take them to the intermediate worlds to the light. To honnour the ancestors.

Post Conference Excursion (see further down for information on our post conference tour of Lisbon and surrounding areas)

"It is the responsibility of the living

to heal their ancestors"

Malidoma Somé

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