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Roger Woolger

Roger Woolger


Roger Woolger & Juanita Puddifoot

Ancestral Field Work:
Can we Prevent the Woes of Europe’s Past
Leading to more Calamities in the Future?

We each have our individual ancestral patterns but they are inextricably interwoven with the collective woes our larger human communities and our national groups. Such inherited psychic residues mean that we all carry a portion of our ancestors’ struggles with poverty, war, colonial misery, sexual abusiveness, catastrophe, persecution and exile. Roger & Juanita will invite the group to participate in an experiment with Ancestral Field Work, which is powerful a way of intuitively tuning into and healing these ancestral residues that live in what Rupert Sheldrake, the biologist, calls the morphogenetic field of the planet and which others have called the akasha, the collective unconscious, the anima mundi or world soul.

Roger Woolger is a psychotherapist, lecturer and author specializing in past life regression spirit release and shamanic healing.

He was educated at the University of Oxford and King's College London, where he gained degrees in psychology, religion and philosophy. He then trained as an analyst at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zürich. His method is today called Deep Memory Process.

He began his practice with conventional Jungian therapy methods, including dreamwork, but through this began to discover images which seemed to be past life memories. He found a therapeutic and spiritual value in this method, which entails trauma release,psychodrama, deep body therapy, Tibetan "bardo" work and shamanic spirit release. His synthesis is today called Deep Memory Process.

The International Deep Memory Association (IDMA) was created for those interested in Roger's work and other aspects of transpersonal psychology. The IDMA has held annual conferences in different parts of Europe for the past 5 years with varied themes including: "War and Soul Loss" with Ed Tick, "Exile and the Longing to Return Home - Welcoming our Ancestors Home" For more information please see

This is what Roger has to say about the need of continued healing and work with the ancestors:-

"There is no question in my mind that what Jung called the ‘collective unconscious’, the Vedantists termed the ‘akasha’ and the Hermeticists called ‘anima mundi’, the world soul, is clogged and heavy with so much misery and unpurified psychic residue from the strife, sorrow and guilt accumulated over many centuries. I believe that groups of dedicated people like ourselves can do much to lighten this collective density, this cloud of tears, this ocean of lost souls, for the greater good and healing of the planet."

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